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Maths300 is a subscription service, with a first-year joining fee and an ongoing annual fee. We think of it as similar to a teachers' association dedicated to providing professional development in mathematics education.

Through this site we offer well trialled lesson plans which encourage discussion about features that fascinate, captivate and absorb students at all levels in mathematics learning. Enquiries about face to face professional development are welcome. See Contacts.

  • The Maths300 campus licence allows all staff from one physical campus unlimited access to Maths300 lessons. The campus is issued a username and password. With these details, staff may access Maths300 from school or home or while travelling.

  • A single teacher licence can be arranged, but use of Maths300 is strictly limited to that teacher's students.

  • Read more about both licences in Terms & Conditions.


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Subscription Options

Our subscription prices are based on the number of students at your school as shown in the table. To assist you with making a decision to become a member our Free Tour offers complete lessons, including software, totally free so you can run your own trial. Free Tour also includes background articles and other important information.


  • All prices are in Australian Dollars.
  • Prices are inclusive of GST.
  • This currency converter will provide an approximate cost in your currency.
  • Actual conversion rates will be taken at the date of payment.
  • Subscription is for one calendar year.
  • You may elect to pay additional years of membership renewal in advance.
  • You will be sent a renewal invoice before payment is due.
Subscription Options
Joining Fee includes first year Annual Fee.
Order Form

How to subscribe

  • Click this image to reveal our Application Form (PDF).
  • Print the form.
  • Complete the details and send to The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) Inc..
  • An administrator's email address must be included or the order cannot be processed.
  • Your subscription will be processed when payment is received.
Please allow a few working days
for your subscription to be processed.

Renew annually with a card

When you receive your annual renewal invoice you can use this form to send your card details.


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